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Art Appreciation

At the moment we have 8 members in the group and we take it in turns to choose a painter or sculptor to find information about and bring pictures or books to show to the group as a jumping off point.

Other members also find information and bring along anything of interest they can find and we have YouTube, so it is very rare we are without material to discuss.


Occasionally we have a sketching session and we have made Christmas cards and have looked at different art techniques but we are not primarily a practical art group. 

We have been to Ferens Art Gallery in Hull and car share to other venues if something of interest comes up that a member suggests.

We welcome input from group members.

We interrogate art from all from all generations so if you are interested in Art at all we would welcome you to the group.


We meet at White Lodge, Rolston Rd on the 3rd Tuesday of the month 2-4pm.


Group Contact: Audrey Taylor -

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