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Canasta is a card game played with two packs of cards, including jokers, and is a progressive form of Rummy.  It can be played by 2-6 players but is most popular for four, two a side, and the winning pair is the first to achieve 5000 points.


We now often play Bolivia, a development of Canasta, designed for players who wish to progress to a more advanced form, and an extra pack of cards is needed for this.


As the game is a little complex, it does require two or three sessions to learn in the initial stages and we meet weekly, every Thursday afternoon.  Newcomers who are U3A members are most welcome.

The group meets at Lucien's Bar, 5-7 Newbegin, Hornsea

Every Thursday afternoon, 1.30 - 4pm


Group Contact: Jeannette Wood

Mobile 07970 760416

or email by clicking the envelope

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