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Group Activities

At present we have 31 active interest groups which meet at various intervals during each month. New group members and suggestions for new groups are always welcome.


Current interest groups are shown here. Click on the group name for more information.  You can also see group events happening each month by clicking on the Calendar tab at the top of this page or click here.

Further details can be obtained by using the CONTACT page or by clicking on the email link on the page of the group you are interested in and sending a message which will be sent to that group's contact .

Please note:  Due to the increasing number of interest groups we are now trialling a new method by which members join an interest group.  This trial has the support of your group contacts and will hopefully reduce the workload of your committee.  It has successfully been used by another U3A.

Already established groups

These will no longer have a "signing on sheet" at the monthly meeting.

There will be a sheet with details of that interest group and details are available to take away.

To express your interest in joining the group it is the responsibility of that member to get in touch with the relevant group contact. 


Groups in the process of being introduced

These will have sheet displayed at the monthly meeting for members to register their interest by "signing up". Once sufficient members are noted a meeting will be called to arrange for this group to go ahead.




Any member of Hornsea & District U3A who requires the assistance of a Carer in order that they may attend and participate in any meeting or interest group activity is able to do so without the carer having to pay or be a member of the U3A.

An exception to this is In the Case of Theatre Trips and Outings.

The U3A member needing the assistance of a carer is able to have such assistance providing that they make arrangements to pay for their carer’s costs.

The Theatre and Outings Organisers will make every effort to highlight to all who wish to attend any excursion which may prove hazardous to those less able and advise the need for a carer. They will also make every effort to obtain reduced carer rates where possible from venues when making initial enquiries. (e.g. Theatre Tickets.)

Insurance Cover.

Carers are covered by the Third Age Trust Liability Insurance provided that they are recorded as such and accompany the member for the whole of the event.

If the Carer is employed in a professional capacity our Insurance does not cover them, they will need to have cover via their employer or liability cover of their own.

Please Note

A Carer is any person, family, friend or professional who undertakes to be responsible for any less-abled  Hornsea & District U3A member and need not themselves be a member of the organisation in order to accompany the U3A member.

Hornsea & District U3A is also a member of the Accord group of U3As. Other member U3As are Awake, Beverley, Caves, Cottingham, Hessle, Howden & District, Hull and Swanland and Wolds (Driffield).  Within agreed guidelines, members may attend groups run by other Accord U3As if Hornsea & District U3A does not run an equivalent group. Details of groups run by Accord U3A's can be found by clicking on the "Links" button on the Menu or click here.

Come along and see for yourself - all of you who are no longer in full time employment are welcome!

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Timetable Summary


  • Computer skills - am

  • Poetry - pm



  •  Board Games - eves

  • Crafts - pm

  • Scrabble - pm


Wednesday ​

  • Book Group - pm

  • Lunch Group - pm



  • Local History - am

  • Strollers - am

  • Canasta - pm

  • Family History - pm

  • Musical Choices - pm



  • Art Appreciation - pm

  • Bowls - pm

  • Instrumental - pm

  • Supper Club  - pm

  • TED Talks - pm

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