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Wine Appreciation:

The Wine Appreciation group is for people who do appreciate wine but do not necessarily know a great deal about it!

We will be a self taught group, everyone contributing and enjoying tasting and learning from each other.

We aim to meet once a month.

In Yorkshire alone there are 16 vineyards and we may be able to arrange visits and/or expert talks.

The group will be self financing with each member bringing a bottle of wine to the group to be tasted (blind) and discussed, graded and explored.

Our motto: 'In victory you deserve champagne, in defeat you need it'  Churchill

Contact: Jenny Thompson   

Click on the envelope to send a message to Jenny

Anyone interested in the group is invited to meet on Tuesday 10th January at 2pm in Hornsea Floral Hall cafe to decide how, where, when etc the group will operate in the future. Meeting cancelled -new date to follow.

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