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Speaker Programme


Tuesday, 4th December   Vintage three Piece Singing Group  - The Andrini Sisters


Tuesday, 8th January        Hornsea and the Great War              - Ted Gray

Tuesday, 5th February     SIFU   - Heather Downs

                                            (Chinese martial arts and wellbeing)     

Tuesday, 5th March         Tales from the family archives         - Beverley Bee Keepers -                                                                                                                   Wendy Maslin

Tuesday, 2nd April             Social event (Subscriptions morning)

Tuesday, 7th May             Buzz Comedy                                      - John Marshall

Tuesday, 4th June             Suprising inovations                         - Professor B Gibson

                                              (physics changes the world)

Tuesday, 2nd July              Life and career of Virginia McKenna  - Kathleen and Chris 

                                             actress, campaigner and founder of

Barnett Born Free Foundation

AUGUST                                                                               NO MEETING

Tuesday, 3rd September   Yorkshire Coast and Nature                 - Steve Race

Tuesday, 1st October        Beverley Ghosts and History              - Paul Schofield

Tuesday, 5th November  The First Landing                                  - Brian Scown

Tuesday, 3rd December   Beverley Rock Choir                             - Anna Lusty

​All meetings are held at Hornsea Floral Hall, Esplanade, Hornsea, East Yorkshire, HU18 1NQ on the first Tuesday of each month except August.

Doors open at 10:00 am for refreshments, socialising and to find out about the different interest groups.

A short business meeting followed by the speaker starts at 10:30 am.

Come along and find what the U3A is all about. 

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