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Speakers List 2023

January 3rd

Bringing Native Oysters to the Humber

Yorkshire Wildlife Trust

February 7th

The Modern Man

Will Atkinson

March 7th

Life and Work in a Year at Burton Agnes

Pauline Waslin

April 4th

Social Meeting and Subs for 2023


May 2nd

Mary Wollstonecraft

Val Wise

June 6th

Wolds Rangers

Mark Blakeston

July 4th

Barrow to Baghdad

Philip Caine

August 1st

Summer Break


September 5th

Be Very Alarmed (The History of Alarm Clocks)

John Hope

October 3rd

Amy Johnson

Michelle Beadle

November 7th

Passports, Assassins, Traitors and Spies

Martin Lloyd

December 5th

Christmas Entertainment


January 9th 2024

Joanne Robinson Author

Joanne Robinson

February 6th

James Creassy: A Man of our Times

Jean Cannon

March 5th

Oil Separation

Martin Grewer

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