Strollers Group

We walk throughout the year on the first and third Thursday mornings of each month. Strolls are planned by the group members together and some members volunteer to lead walks with which they are familiar. The walks are taken at a modest pace, usually about 2-3 miles, mostly on firm ground and fairly flat. For instance, we do town walks, promenade walks, canal paths and bridle ways etc. Consideration is given to comfort stops and we usually incorporate a refreshment break. For the most part we car share to reach the starting point.

Humber Bridge Country Park

Humber Bridge Sept 2021.jpg

Contacts: Sue & Ted Gray  01964 536772


 July 2021 - January 2022

Thursday 15th July                   Beverley Westwood                                                        Leader - Linda             

                                                       Meet where icecream van parks at 10am.               

                                                       Refreshments after walk.

Thursday 5th August                 Tickton circular walk                                                   


                                                         Park on main road near Carr Lane, at 10am.                Leaders - Ted & Sue

                                                         Refreshments after at Cherry Lane Garden



 Thursday 19th August             Welton                                                                               Leaders - Ted & Sue

                                                        Park on road near Green Dragon, at 10.30am        

                                                        Refreshments after at pub.

 Thursday 21st Oct                   Brandesburton Village walk                                         Leader - Ron

                                                      Park at Bert's, 10am.

                                                      Refreshments after at Bert's.

Thursday 4th Nov                    Hull Fish Walk

                                                      Meet on corner by City Hall at 10.30am                        Leader - Stephen

                                                      Refreshments after at indoor market.

Thursday 18th Nov                  Beverley Beck                                                                   Leader - Ted & Sue

                                                       Meet in Figham Road, Beverley at 10.00am

                                                       Refreshments after at Travellers Rest Coffee House


Thursday 2nd Dec                   Christmas Lunch - details later       



 Thursday 16th Dec                 Molescroft Circular                                                         Leader - Ted & Sue

                                                      Park opposite Hayride pub at 10am

                                                      Refreshments at Cherry Lane Garden Centre 


 Thursday 6th Jan                     Planning Meeting

                                                       Sue and Ted's Home at 10.00am