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5 May 2020 - Captain Cook Study Days Cancelled

Message from the organisers

Regretfully the Captain Cook event this summer is cancelled. This decision has been forced on the organisers for two reasons. Firstly, the government has indicated that some form of social distancing will continue well into the summer and possibly beyond into the autumn, especially for vulnerable groups. Secondly and more importantly, the Captain Cook Museum in Whitby will remain closed during the summer, and most likely during the rest of this year; the same probably applies to the other two museums.

The organisers Whitby U3A are really sorry about this as they were looking forward to welcoming all the delegates to their lovely town, but as with so many events this year these things are outside their control. They were hoping to be able to reschedule the event in October this year, but with the museums almost certainly being closed this will not be possible.


Therefore, they are proposing to hold the event next summer, on Wednesday 23rd and Thursday 24th June 2021.

Theater Group and Outings Group


The old Theater and Outings Group has now been split into two separate groups.

The Outings Group is coordinated by Rita Bremer and Paule Senior and is open to all Hornsea U3A members. The Theatre Group is coordinated by Bernard and Audrey Taylor.

Redesigned Home Page Menu


There is a new sction, 'About Us'. This now houses other sections 'About Hornsea' 'Contacts', 'Gallery', 'YAHR' and 'Speaker List'

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