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Group Activities

At present we have over 20 active interest groups which meet at various intervals during each month. New group members and suggestions for new groups are always welcome.


Current interest groups are shown here. Click on the group name for more information.  

Further details can be obtained by using the CONTACT page or by clicking on the email link on the page of the group you are interested in and sending a message which will be sent to that group's contact .

Further information about joining one of our groups and our Carers Policy can be found by clicking here

Groups News


List of proposed new groups. Contact the group coordinator for further info.

Sewing Contact Sheila Ellis at sheilaellis2009

Speak to one of our members at the groups table or email

Timetable Summary


  • French - pm

  • Mahjong - pm

  • Tai Chi - am

  • TED Talks - pm



  • Art Appreciation - pm

  • Board Games - pm

  • Crafts - pm

  • Sailing - am

  • Scrabble - pm

  • Wine Appreciation - pm



  • Book Group - pm

  • Coffee Club

  • Luncheon Group - pm


  • Canasta - pm

  • Family History - pm

  • Local History - am

  • Musical Appreciation - pm

  • Poetry - pm

  • Sailing - am

  • Strollers - am


  • Bowls - pm

  • Musical Instruments - pm

  • Supper Club  - pm

Days and times vary


  • Great Escapers

  • Outings

  • Theatre Visits

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