TED Talks Discussion 



The group meets on  the 4th Friday of the month at 2pm

This is a discussion group which uses TED talks, which are presentations by professional speakers from around the world, on every topic under the sun, on You Tube as a stimulus. The strap line for TED talks is ideas worth spreading

After the presentation a wooden spoon is sent round the group and everyone is invited to make an initial comment if they wish.  The spoon can then be picked up by anyone who has something to say and you cannot speak unless you hold the spoon.  We do have a time limit of 5 minutes per comment, so no one can dominate the discussion and everyone who has something to say has an opportunity.  All our discussions so far have been conducted in a very civilised manner and we ask members to remember the opinion may be different to one you may hold, but we respect the opinion nevertheless.  Politics and religion are not discussed as there are too many other subjects worth delving into.

There are quite a number of new members who have expressed an interest so we look forward to meeting them at the Group Contact's home.


Friday 23rd September

Group Contact: Audrey Taylor

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