TED Talks Discussion Club



The group meets on  the 4th Friday of the month at White Lodge at 2.00 p.m.

The talk this month was the choice of Ted Gray and he chose a very short clip from Chris Hadfield, a Canadian astronaut,  showing how personal cleanliness is dealt with in space which created some mirth. The main talk was by Sir Ken Robinson, a Liverpudlian professor in Education, living in Los Angeles entitled 'Do schools kill creativity'. His presentation was full of jokes, as you might expect from a Liverpudlian, but also asked some very relevant questions about our education system and how relevant it is to tomorrow's children.

This prompted discussions on how we quantify intelligence and is it an accurate guide, how much parental attitudes affect our career choices and opportunities, how much more children have to learn today compared to our schooling, amongst other things. It wa a very enjoyable afternoon .


Next meeting at White Lodge on Friday 22nd November at 2.00. The choice of subject chosen by Susan Horne is 'How to lead a conversation between people who disagree.'

Contact: Audrey Taylor -  email by clicking on the envelope


Registered Charity Number: 1181723

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